Fernando Di Leo, a master of made in Italy noir, was born in San Ferdinando in Puglia on January 11, 1932. After completing his law studies, he decided to dedicate his life to cinema by collaborating in the making of several films and writing articles.

Thanks to his friendship with Duccio Tessari, he made his debut as a screenwriter, writing the treatment of '' Fistful of Dollars '' and '' For a Few Dollars More '' by Sergio Leone. It has only recently been re-evaluated thanks to the notes of appreciation by the American director Quentin Tarantino. He made the history of the 70s passing from noir to horror cinema, among his works we remember the series of films known as the Milieu Trilogy.

He died in Rome on December 2, 2003. His colleagues remember him as a wise and passionate man, an idealist looking forward to the future.