Universally acknowledged as one of the major auteurs of film music, to which he has contributed in the arc of 40 years with more than 400 original scores, Ennio Morricone was born in Rome in the November of 1928.

Throughout the infinite collaborations with directors of all nationalities, he was able to invent musical comments for any narrative situation and for any type of cinema. For genres like spaghetti western he established an actual musical vocabulary with his soundtracks. His partnership with Sergio Leone has brought him to global fame, leading to multiple Oscar nominations which he won only in 2016 after getting one already for his career in 2007. As one of the most important, prolific and influent film composers of all times, Morricone did not just compose for the cinema but he also contributed with shaping the sound of Italian 60s with iconic pieces.

Died in 2020 at the late age of 91, he is constantly celebrated everywhere around the world with heartfelt tributes in cinema and music.