Michelangelo Antonioni was born in Ferrara on the 29th of September 1912 and is considered today one of the major auteurs of the post-war period. After an initial activity as a film critic, he then started as a screenwriter for Rossellini and then began his own documentary production before working on narrative cinema.

Some of the main features of his poetics include the desire to break away from classical narrative by using a type of editing that privileges a discontinuity closer to the flow of existence, and an attention for the effects produced by events rather than for the events themselves. Antonioni then gained official global critical acclaim, starting from France which coined the expression “neorealism of the soul” for him, with the films of the Trilogy of Alienation at the beginning of the 60s.

He died in Rome in 2007 after winning an Honorary Oscar for his career in 1995.