Gaetano D’Angelo, known as Nino, was born on the outskirts of Naples on the 21st of June 1957. He is considered one of the greatest Neapolitan singers of all time.

He revolutionized classic Neapolitan music, starting a new genre which will, later on, be defined as neomelodic. At the beginning of the 80s, he made his cinema debut with the film “Celebrità” but the big success arrived with the films “Lo studente” and “Un jeans e una maglietta”. From this moment on he became a widespread phenomenon with his unmistakable blonde bowl cut, Italy’s most famous after Raffaella Carrà’s.

In 2017 he works on the soundtrack of the film “Falchi” directed by his son Toni. Up to this date, he is the best known and most listened to Neapolitan artist.