Vittorio De Sica, the first Italian star and father of neorealism, was born in Sora in 1901. His film career is closely interconnected with the writer Zavattini, and characterized by the genres of "white phones" and sentimental comedy. His films portray the bitter and dramatic aspects of post-war society, through an essential style, recovering the concrete and real density of the characters, landscapes and cities.

He had lightness, natural sympathy and versatility in acting. He was also a great dramatic actor. For example, when he starred in '' Il Generale della Rovere '' (1959), by Roberto Rossellini, he gave his best performance.

During his career, he won 5 David di Donatello awards and 3 Nastri d'Argento awards. Vittorio de Sica died in 1974 in Paris and his remains are in the monumental cemetery of Verano in Rome.