Born in Tunis on the  11th of May 1933, Sandra Milo is considered an icon of Italian history of cinema and Federico Fellini’s muse.

She began her career by taking part in films like Lo Scapolo, Il Generale Della Rovere, Adua e le Compagne but she becomes one of the protagonists of Italian 60s cinema with 8 ½ and Giulietta degli Spiriti, winning two Silver Ribbons for both films. Ironic and audacious femme fatale, “Sandrocchia”, as Maestro Fellini called her, in her comedies she disrupts the stereotype of the “maggiorata”, the Italian bombshell, with her nuanced interpretations, both delicate and irreverent.

Briefly parting away from cinema between the 80s and the 90s to start a television career, she came back on the silver screen for more iconic roles. In 2021 she was awarded a David di Donatello for her admirable career.